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Last week, Dak Prescott, the rising sophomore of the division’s defending champion Dallas Cowboys, made headlines when he declared on the hallowed ESPYs red carpet that Dallas would repeat as champs of the East.Jerseys For Sale.Having supreme confidence in your team before training camp even starts isn’t uncommon, especially coming from a young quarterback who’s only known winning in this league. But in Dak’s case, it was a definitive statement that completely ignored, in the moment, the Cowboys’ greatest threat in the division: the New York Giants, a team to whom Dallas fell in two of its three regular-season losses last year.So it wouldn’t shock anyone if some members of Big Blue took offense to Prescott’s posturing.Instead, when asked Friday morning on Good Morning Football if Dak was right to make those early boasts, Giants kick returner Dwayne Harris (formerly of the Cowboys) cooled tensions.”You know, I let people think what they want to think.Cheap China Jerseys.They, on paper, they probably look better than us right now,” Harris told the GMFB crew. “But we always match up good with them, so we’ll see.”

Cheap NFL Jerseys

Recently retired Cowboys great Tony Romo echoed those sentiments Thursday, saying Elliott is still trying to adjust to his relatively newfound fame.Throwback Jerseys.“I know that he’s a good kid,” Romo told The Ben & Skin Show on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas. “He’s just trying to find his way. He’s in a position where he’s always going to be in a spot where people are going to take a photo, they’re going to talk about him. We all get these little times in our career where you can go two different directions. He’s figuring it out.”Romo’s comments come after Elliott was involved in an incident at a Dallas bar on Sunday night that sparked an assault investigation by Dallas police. Police announced Wednesday they have suspended their probe into the matter.Elliott, 21, remains under NFL investigation for domestic violence accusations his now former girlfriend made against him last year.Cheap Football Jerseys.He has denied the accusations. In addition, he’s appealing a misdemeanor traffic violation he was convicted of last week and the league is still looking at how he was involved in Sunday’s bar incident.

Cheap NFL Jerseys
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Wholesale NFL Jerseys


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