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In recent seasons, the Jets have had a number of players that put up impressive numbers in the final preseason game, leading to calls from fans and media for them to earn a bigger role with the team.Cheap Sports Jerseys.These included Danny Woodhead, Jesse Chatman and Chauncey Washington.Discount Jerseys.However, what sets McGuire’s performance apart from these players is that he only had limited opportunities whereas each of those three primarily just took what the defense gave them and put up numbers through sheer volume.


Jackson boss told The Reynolds Report: “We expect to be a very competitive football team in every game we play. Our goal is to win every game we play.Youth Football Jerseys.I truly believe we will be a vastly-improved team. I feel really good about where we’re heading.“We’re building now. We’ve crossed over that point of where we were a year ago. There is more talent on our football team and our executive staff have done a good job of positioning us for the future.”Jackson cut an emotional figure in 2016 as his Browns fell short in several close games before finally picking up their lone win against the San Diego Chargers on Christmas Eve.“Last year was tough,” Jackson admitted.Custom Jerseys.“It’s always tough when you lose – I don’t know of any head coach in the National Football League who would be happy with losing. But to go through what we went through and where we’re heading now, it was well worth it.”While the Browns have improved on the offensive line and on defense, questions still surround the quarterback position with Cody Kessler, Brock Osweiler and rookie DeShone Kizer fighting for the job.

The initial plan was for McGuire to contribute to the return game, but he didn’t do much of that in college and the team seems to have abandoned the idea.Cheap China Jerseys.However, he’s shown good potential in preseason and definitely looks to be a candidate to be a lead back or at least sharing the load at some point in the future.China Jerseys.It will be interesting to see the rate at which he progresses towards that point during the 2017 season.

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