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Packers coach Mike McCarthy decided not to settle for overtime, despite facing third-and-11 from their own 26-yard line in a tie game with under a minute remaining. NFL Jerseys China.That was when Rodgers hoisted a 60-yard rainbow pass to receiver Jordy Nelson, setting up Mason Crosby’s 32-yard field goal as time expired to give the Packers a 30-27 win over the Chicago Bears on Sunday.Cheap Authentic Jerseys.”We kind of fiddled around the first couple downs and made it a little more dramatic,” Rodgers said. “And then Jordy obviously with the great play, and Mason, the best kicker in the league, with the clutch [kick]. … It was … great.”Aaron Rodgers hit Jordy Nelson with a 60-yard pass to set up Mason Crosby’s 32-yard field goal as time expired to lift the Packers to a 30-27 victory over the Bears in one of their coldest games.Rodgers even had the presence of mind to let as much time as possible tick off the clock before that throw so he wouldn’t leave the Bears with much time if the deep shot play didn’t work and the Packers were forced to punt.Cheap MLB Jerseys.The Bears have seen this act before, too. Rodgers beat them with a 48-yard touchdown pass to Randall Cobb in the final minute of the 2013 regular-season finale. Rodgers connected on remarkable Hail Mary passes last season, too — a 61-yard touchdown on an untimed down against the Detroit Lions and a bomb to Jeff Janis to force overtime in a playoff loss to the Arizona Cardinals.

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“I mean, it’s Aaron Rodgers,” Bears cornerback Tracy Porter said.NFL Jerseys China. “He makes that team go. He makes that team tick. He’s earned the right at times to make that playcall. Maybe McCarthy called the play.”Either way, Porter knew it was coming.”I kind of had a feeling that they didn’t want to go to overtime,” he said. “They were trying to win the game. So they were going to try to take a shot at some point. I kind of told the guys to keep their antennas up.”Even so, Nelson beat Bears rookie cornerback Cre’Von LeBlanc and threw his hand up in the air to make sure Rodgers saw him.NFL Jerseys Cheap.”I saw Jordy put his hand out, figured that the safety on the back side hadn’t rolled to the middle, so they were playing a quarters look,” Rodgers said. “I tried to put enough air on it for him to run underneath it, and that’s what he does. He makes those kinds of catches. I was teasing him earlier in the game — we missed on a couple deep ones: one, it looked like he had his hands on it; one, I kind of underthrew him — that we were going to have to hit one before the end of the game.Wholesale NFL Jerseys. Sure enough, we did.”In 2015 and 2016, Rodgers has completed four passes of 40-plus yards in the final two minutes of regulation, including playoffs. The rest of the NFL has two completed two, according to ESPN Stats & Information.


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