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Cheap Football Jerseys.It’s a fact that most NFL quarterbacks come to understand at some point in their lives. A few years ago, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers put it this way: The regular season is about earning the big paycheck, and the playoffs are about legacy.”The great quarterbacks,” Rodgers said, “are remembered for their playoff successes and triumphs and Super Bowl championships and Super Bowl MVPs.”With a few exceptions — Dan Marino, Jim Kelly and Warren Moon among them — Rodgers is right.NFL Jerseys Cheap Sale. We’ll soon find out if Ryan can get there.Is he ready? On Saturday night, I sought out Falcons pass-rusher Dwight Freeney, a 15-year veteran who has seen it all, including a championship in 2006 during his time with the Indianapolis Colts.I asked Freeney if Ryan is up to the task. The defensive end shrugged his shoulders.Still, the tendency in the playoffs — especially at quarterback — is to rise to the proverbial occasion.Ryan admitted he tried to do that earlier in his career, and it was part of his 1-4 playoff record before Saturday’s game.Part of his development, it seems, is not trying to play better in the playoffs than he did during the regular season.Cheap China Jerseys.


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