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NFL Jerseys Cheap.In their comments upon leaving San Diego behind, both the Chargers and Roger Goodell stated that, despite many years of trying, they were unable to find a local “solution.” That appears a euphemism for, “They didn’t show us the money.” To be fair, the Chargers did invest significant time and money into seeking “solutions” but, of course, there was no “solution” that would have unlocked hundreds of millions of public money towards stadium subsidies. Could either the NFL, Rams’ owner Stan Kroenke, and/or the Spanos family have put up more of their own money to keep the Chargers in San Diego? In theory, the answer is yes, but that is not the way the business of the NFL has worked.Over the past two decades, NFL owners had used the lack of team in Los Angeles as leverage in negotiations with local politicians towards a “solution.” With L.A. no longer a potential negotiating tool, what other cities could fill that role? The Raiders’ flirted with San Antonio before focusing on Las Vegas, although it is hard to see that as a viable alternative.NFL Jerseys China. Toronto had mixed results hosting Bills games. London continues to sell out, but I have always predicted, at most, an eventual home schedule there: eight games a year over three stadiums, every team playing there every other year. Interestingly, one city that I have not heard a word about potential relocation in the past year is St. Louis, a negative omen for San Diego. NFL Jerseys Cheap Sale.

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