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The Bengals have firmly and repeatedly said they were past all of the things that led to a late-game meltdown against the Steelers (9-5) in the playoffs last year.NFL Jerseys China. But when it came down to it, the Bengals couldn’t keep their cool when they needed to most.After playing solid defense for three quarters and holding the Steelers to six field goals, the defense melted down in the middle of the fourth quarter. Discount Jerseys.The Bengals committed four straight defensive penalties, two each by Dre Kirkpatrick and Pat Sims, before Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlis berger found Eli Rogers for the 24-yard go-ahead touchdown.NFL Wholesale Jerseys.That drive was just one example of the Bengals’ many mental errors Sunday.There was the taunting penalty by cornerback Adam Jones in the second quarter that gave the Steelers an extra 15 yards and led to a field goal.

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There was the unnecessary roughness penalty on linebacker Vontaze Burfict on second-and-2 early in the third quarter. The Steelers, who had already gained 15 yards on the play, gained 15 more after Burfict hit Roethlisberger late. China Jerseys.The Steelers kicked another field goal.There was also a head-scratching interception thrown by Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton at the end of the fourth quarter. Center Russell Bodine appeared to get too far downfield and, as an ineligible receiver, ducked.NFL Jerseys Cheap. Dalton threw the ball anyway and was picked off at midfield. That also led to a Steelers field goal.Playing Pittsburgh tends to bring out the best and the worst in the Bengals.NFL Jerseys China. Whether it was Jeremy Hill pretending to rip up a Terrible Towel, a celebration spike after a touchdown, or the usual pushing and shoving, the second matchup of the season had all of the usual makings of a classic between the two rivals.

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